Commercial plumbing
Commercial plumbing
When it comes to commercial plumbing, installers and owners agree: PEX is a durable and cost-effective plumbing solution for contractors.

PEX offers the tightest bend radius of any plumbing solution on the market — as little as 3½" for ½" pipe. This eliminates the need for connections and fittings with each change of direction, and fewer fittings reduces your liability for leaks and other problems.

Reduced liability
The Uponor PEX system reduces liability in several ways. First, because it requires fewer fittings, the system has fewer potential leak points. Also, Uponor PEX resists corrosion, pitting and scaling so the system is manufactured to last. And best of all, Uponor PEX and the ProPEX® system cannot be dry-fit, eliminating concerns that a connection is made.
Increased peace of mind
Because Uponor PEX plumbing systems do not use torches, glues, chemicals or solvents like traditional copper and CPVC systems. It is better for our environment because it keeps chemicals out of our plumbing systems and groundwater.
Comprehensive offering
Uponor PEX pipe and ProPEX fittings are available in sizes from ¼" to 3" to meet any application need.
Uponor PEX plumbing applications
Uponor PEX plumbing applications
  • • Main piping
  • • Riser piping
  • • Unit piping
  • • In slab
  • • Under slab
  • • Overhead
  • • Public flush banks
  • • Purified water systems
  • • Reclaimed (graywater) systems
  • • DHW recirculation
  • • Building service supply piping
  • • District distribution piping